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SEANES Conference is an extraordinary conference that strives to develop the Human Factors and Ergonomics knowledge so it can be applied to fulfil the local and global needs and also to solve the world’s problem related to it. In SEANES 2016 Conference, both speakers and participants can share ideas which can drive us to the better life, better industry, even better world.

Nowadays, SEANES Conference has already received attention from researchers, practitioners, policy makers, across professions and disciplines, especially related to human factors and ergonomics in Indonesia, Asia, even International. SEANES Conference is one of the most prestigious conferences and well-known in the Human Factors and Ergonomics field in Asia. Three successful SEANES Conferences have been conducted. The first was in Philippines in 2010, Malaysia in 2012, and the last one was in Singapore in 2014. The speakers of SEANES 2016 are well-known people and experts in the Human Factors and Ergonomics field. So, we can guarantee that SEANES 2016 Conference can reach the success even more than the previous three.

If your company wants to participate in SEANES 2016 Conference, you will get numerous benefits accordance to our agreement such as:

  • Maximum exposure at premier conference devoted to those involved in the human factors and ergonomics field
  • Access and expand to a broad network of industry partners from industry colleagues, private sectors, academicians
  • A cost-effective way to reinforce your organization brand and build brand awareness amongst relevant audience
  • Opportunity to present latest innovation and new products or services to a pertinent audience and showcase your expertise and capabilities
  • Increase marketing opportunities including visibility on the conference websites and associated marketing materials

So, humbly we hope your willingness to support and to cooperate with us in order to make SEANES 2016 Conference successful.

Sponsorship Package

We offer you some beneficial sponsorship packages which can you choose to contribute in the prestigious SEANES 2016 Conference as the followings:

  • Platinum : IDR 100.000.000,00 (USD 7,500)
  • Gold : IDR   75.000.000,00 (USD 5,500)
  • Silver : IDR   50.000.000,00 (USD 3,750)
  • Bronze : IDR   25.000.000,00 (USD 1,850)
  • Cultural Gala Dinner on 30 November 2016: IDR 30.000.000,00 (USD 2,200)
  • Welcome Reception on 28 November 2016: IDR 25.000.000,00 (USD 1,850)
  • Conference Kit: IDR 15.000.000,00 (USD 1,100)

More details on the sponsorship benefits can be found in the seanes-2016_sponsorship-and-exhibition-prospectus.

Exhibition Package

SEANES 2016 Conference is the place that researchers, practitioners, policy makers, across professions and disciplines, especially related to human factors and ergonomics. SEANES 2016 Conference would be the best place to represent and promote the ergonomic product to the potential users. So, we think the exhibition of human factor and ergonomics-related product will be good both for industry and participant as a user. We are also open for other kind of products. Exhibition will be held during the conference (29 November – 1 December 2016).

EXHIBITION (3 DAYS) IDR 20.000.000,00 / USD 1,500

Standar area for 3m x 2.5m (pre-function area)

The exhibition package includes the following:

  • One desk
  • Two chairs
  • Electrical usage and power outlets
  • Lunch and Coffee Break (morning and afternoon) for 2 persons




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